The project created by the band Vikram took 7 years to complete. "Behind The Mask Part 1" brings together types of arts such as literature, music, games, dance, fine arts and film. "

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A Trilogy created by Tiago Della Vega and written by Damien Void. "Behind The Mask I" takes the reader on a journey through time and space based on oriental culture (Egypt, Turkey, Arabia, Spain and India). The book tells the story of Nathanael Frost, an "immortal" who traverses the world and the centuries in search of explanations for his existence.



The album tells the story of the trilogy's first book in 14 songs, one for each chapter. It took 7 years to be done, between the composition, pre-production and recording, an amazing journey through the realization of this huge project. In "Behind The Mask I" you'll find ethnic instruments, epic orchestrations, heavy progressive riffs, various voice types and different languages.


The songbooks are the exact transcriptions of the album's songs divided into 5 volumes (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums), a unique material produced by the musicians themselves. Through this material you will find not only sheet music and ciphers but also midi files, guitar pro files, play alongs and videos with technical and harmonic explanations.


The Behind the Mask I RPG, developed by Jairo Borges Filho, is an amazing card and board game, with an atmosphere full of adventure and dangers. The game takes place in an oriental environment and perfectly depicts the trilogy written by Damien Void.