This is not just a regular album. It took 7 years to be made between writing, pre-production and recording.  It’s a multimedia project, a journey through different types of art, such as literature, music, games, dance, etc. So, in addition to the album, you will be able to experience the book with the complete story, a game, documentary, a musical, songbooks, playthroughs, videoclips.

VIKRAM comes up with some unique elements in the metal scene: speed and technique allied with musical and cultural elements of eastern civilizations. VIKRAM means wise, brave, strong, victorious  in sanskrit language. Our music mixes modern and progressive metal influences, epic movie scores.


The concept of the lyrics goes in to the same approach. Behind the Mask part 1 is a conceptual album, the first part of a trilogy , the story is based on the life of Nathaniel Frost and his travels through several eastern countries in a journey of self-knowledge. Each song tells the story of what Nathaniel faced and discovered in each culture.


The project is idealized by our guitarrist Tiago Della Vega who is known for the Guinness Book title of world's fastest guitarist and his appearances on tv shows all over the world such as "Super Humans" by the History Channel, as well as other major network´s like Endemol (Germany), Fuji television (Japan), CBS (USA), Globo (Brazil).

Also the band has the drummer, Marcus Dotta, who played with Warrel Dane (Nevermore, Sanctuary ) in his solo career. He recorded Warrel´s acclaimed last album called Shadow Work and toured with him in Europe and South America.

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