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Marcus Dotta has been a drummer for many important bands in the Brazilian metal scene. In 2014, he joined Nevermore and Sanctuary's American singer Warrel Dane's solo band, touring several times in South America and Europe. He also works as a studio / sideman musician and has performed with international artists such as Yulia Volkova (former pop singer T.A.T.U.). With his original projects, Marcus Dotta played with bands like Nevermore, Sepultura, DevilDriver, Ill Niño, Chimaira and Hatebreed, as well as traveling with Warrel Dane. Marcus Dottta works on Warrel's new solo album and records the new project Behind the Mask VIKRAM part I by guitarist Tiago Della Vega (considered by the Guinness Book to be the fastest guitarist in the world).

Tiago Della Vega has been a musician for over 30 years and works in different areas of music. He has produced over 40 bands from different musical styles from Brazil and around the world. His work in music production, recording and mixing has been released in over 18 countries through different labels. As an arranger, he worked for many years in the classical scene. He has produced numerous movie and concert tracks around the world for major companies such as Disney and Cirque dul Soleil. As an instrumentalist, he has received numerous awards around the world, including the world's fastest guitarist title three times through the Guinness Book, the record belongs to the artist to this day. In 2014, he was nominated by Rolling Stones magazine as one of the 70 most important guitarists in history. Held workshops in more than 40 countries and 80 Brazilian cities, gave lectures in various companies from different segments around the world.

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Guilherme de Siervi began his musical education at a young age, which led this musician to develop early composition and arrangement skills, contributing to his training as a producer and further developing his professional skills. After joining the Petrópolis Conservatory of Music and graduating in Music Production in Rio de Janeiro, Guilherme de Siervi went to Nashville, USA, and dedicated himself to recording and producing studies with the famous producer Michael Wegener, responsible for producing and mixing bands. renowned as Metallica. (Master of Puppets), Skid Row (Slave to the Grind), Megadeth (So Far So Good) and many others. Following his career, Guilherme devoted most of his studies to singing, triggering the creation of Omega Blast, produced entirely by himself. Parallel to his current projects, Guilherme acted as guitarist and composer of the heavy metal band "Syren" and the Prog Metal band "Skyrion", where he still directs his compositions and production. Around 2015, Tiago Della Vega invited Guilherme to be the lead singer of VIKRAM and is currently working on the production process for Behind The Mas Part I.

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G. Morazza was admitted to the most renowned music conservatory in Brazil and, 5 years later, graduated in Jazz and Brazilian Music. Morazza works with recording, arranging and events production. As a bassist, he has worked with various artists and music genres around the world. He toured Finland and England the same year he was invited by Tiago Della Vega to join the band VIKRAM as an arranger and bassist, playing electric bass and fretless.